A closer look at Stierna Equestrian Sportswear as cold and wet weather looms!

Posted on September 21, 2022 Categories: Uncategorized
Stierna Stella Parka Walnut

For this month’s Artemis blog, we’re taking a closer look at Swedish brand Stierna Equestrian Sportswear, home of the legendary Stella winter coat and a whole lot more gorgeous riding clothing. As the days are getting ever so slightly shorter every day and there’s a distinctly autumnal chill to the air, what better time to look at a brand designed and tested in the Scandinavian winters? Plus, the brand was developed by horse riders for horse riders and the products are created with sustainability in mind, which both align perfectly with our core values – quality, function, performance and sustainability. The phrase “buy less, choose well, make it last”, a quote from legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, has become a mantra for Stierna’s product development team. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the Stierna collection.

The Stierna Stella Winter Coat

As autumn gathers pace, we can expect to see storms developing out over the Atlantic, and as they spin towards the UK, they tend to bring the kind of wet and windy weather which we associate with late September, October and November. For equestrians, that means a good storm jacket or winter coat is needed to stay warm and dry – and luckily, those items are at the core of the Stierna product range. The Stierna Stella Winter Coat is a bad weather must-have, providing insulation and full protection against the elements whilst allowing your body to breathe and giving you the freedom to move! It’s packed with features so that it works in and out of the saddle (we’re talking stretch panels in the lining, a detachable front saddle cover and two zippered slits at back) and it’s recently been upgraded to have an unrivalled 20,000/20,000 proven waterproof/breathability rating (from 10,000/10,000). We have three different styles of the Stierna Stella Jacket in stock – a long version, a parka and a shorter take on the design. Shop the longer style  here and then explore the others to see which is your favourite

The Stierna Nova Rain Coat

If you’re on the hunt for a waterproof riding coat which doesn’t have any insulation at all but still has all those amazing features to keep you covered and dry in the saddle, the Stierna Nova Coat will be just the ticket. Cut long and with panels and zippers so that it looks good when you’re on the ground yet keeps you and your saddle dry when you’re riding, this waterproof coat from Stierna could be the answer to your autumnal horsey prayers. 

The Stierna W Axis Jacket

If you prefer a short, shell-style riding coat, perhaps to wear with layers under it in the winter, the Stierna W Axis Jacket is worth a closer look. This smart and flatter riding coat is wind and showerproof thanks to an ultra-high-performance stretch fabric which is treated with a waterproofing agent. The Stierna print is reflective to help you stay visible in lower light and design features such as pre-shaped sleeves mean you can move with total freedom. Check out the Stierna Axis Jacket here.

Stierna Waterproof Riding Trousers

Of course, it’s not just the top halves of our bodies which are exposed to wind, rain, sleet and hail when we’re riding or caring for horses during a British autumn and winter! We know lots of our customers are on the hunt for the perfect waterproof trousers to wear in and out of the saddle, and the Stierna Stella Winter Pants are the best on the market as far as we’re concerned. They are crafted from the same highly waterproof and breathable fabric as the Stella Winter Coat, have four- way stretch for riding and yard work and have silicon grips on the knee and seat to keep you secure. Once you try these you will wonder how you ever coped with winter days on the yard without them! These brilliant winter riding trousers are in stock in black or navy in a wide range of sizes.

Stierna Breeches and Tops

So far, we’ve only looked at some of the highlights from Stierna’s winter and waterproof focused collection, but there are so many other products, including tops, breeches, socks and even more riding outerwear products, to browse on our website. If you’re keen to stock up on technical base layers for riding or cosy fleeces for when you’re travelling to competitions, make sure to have a look at the whole Stierna collection this autumn! Just click here to start shopping!