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As we write this blog, we’re yet to see truly wintery weather in the UK, but there’s no doubt it will be here before long. We all know what that means – frosty mornings, freezing rain showers and possibly a sprinkling or two of snow before we can think about spring flowers! However, there’s an excellent saying we heard once which has stuck with us ever since… It goes: “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”, and it’s a great way to look at life as a horse rider. We choose to spend our spare time (or workdays, if you happen to work with horses!) exposed to the elements all year-round and that means wearing quality clothing if we want to stay warm and dry.

Agaso Equestrian Apparel was founded by a keen horsewoman called Brenda Smith who wanted to create sensibly priced, innovative and durable breeches for free spirited riders. She researched the latest high-tech athletic materials and innovative stitching techniques so that her designs combine great aesthetics with comfort, fit and functionality. All Agaso breeches are incredibly high quality, with breathable leg panels, belt loops, a zip fly and grippy patches on the set. But it’s the material which really sets them apart from the rest…

The material used in Agaso breeches is called Meryl Actifit, and it’s the perfect choice for riding here in British winters! That’s because as well as moulding to the contours of your body and being extremely comfortable and supportive, it’s also water resistant. Yes, that means if you get caught in a shower the water will just roll right off your legs! The material is used in both the Agaso ‘Everyday Adventure’ and ‘Competition’ breeches we stock here at Artemis Equestrian. The Everyday Adventure Breeches are available in grey, anthracite or navy, and the Competition Breeches in beige or white. and there’s something even better for the really cold winter days… With water resistant Meryl Actifit and a cosy fleece lining, the Agaso Winter Breeches are the perfect choice when the temperatures plummet and your life is vastly improved by being able to stay warm and dry in the saddle…

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