Artemis Blog March 22

Posted on April 29, 2022 Categories: Uncategorized

Eventing essentials

The eventing season is settling into it’s second month of competition, and we know lots of you are getting entries in, packing lorries and getting kit ready for your first events of 2022! We also know that you’ll be looking for ways to improve your and your horses’ performance with anything which might give you the winning edge! That’s why we’ve gathered our 7 eventing essentials from the current Artemis collection to help you succeed in the ring and out on the cross-country course this year. Let’s take a closer look…

Sedelogic Pads

Imagine if there was a way to offer your horse total comfort for their back when you’re riding, even when you tackle the biggest fences and dressage movements? Sedelogic’s saddle pads might be just the answer! They use an innovative 3-D printed material that ensures pressure and impact are both dissipated and spread evenly and with the bonus of breathability. Whereas gel pads will trap moisture and cause sweat to build up, Sedelogic pads allow air flow and so will be comfortable for your horse all summer long.

The Elevator Performance Breast Girth

A secure and stable saddle is another tick in the box for horse comfort, and the Elevator Performance Breast Girth is the ideal tool for the job! It’s crafted from strong yet supple English leather and includes an elastic insert for added comfort. Ideal for a little extra security in all three disciplines this season.

Agaso Competition Breeches

If you’ve been searching high and low for competition breeches which are high-quality, high tec but not at a stupidly high price, you will adore the Agaso competition breeches. They are crafted from a highly technical, water resistant, durable, soft touch material which, thanks to its natural elasticity, molds to the contours of your body ensuring optimal movement and superb fit. They are also very quick-drying, ideal if you get caught in a shower or extensively slobbered on when your horse has a post-round drink!

Equilibrium Tri-Zone Sports Boots

Perfect for the cross-country phase when you need the best possible leg protection for your horse, the Equilibrium Tri-Zone Sports Boots have been scientifically tested in an independent laboratory for protection against concussion and penetration. Developed with William Fox-Pitt and Sam Griffiths they offer fantastic impact protection without compromising on fit, breathability, flexibility or weight.

Freejump Airbag

Safety for both horse and rider are paramount when riding cross-country, and that means being prepared in the event of fall. If you are unlucky enough to hit the deck, especially when riding over more solid fences, you’ll be glad of a Freejump Airbag. Housed in a lightweight, sleek vest design which is designed to be worn over a t-shirt or base layer (or the brand’s custom Airbag clothing), the Freejump Airbag inflates rapidly in the event of a fall, protecting you from impact and crush injuries.

The Stierna W Axis Jacket

We all know that a British eventing season will include plenty of very British weather, so it’s best to be prepared for wind and rain as well as sunny summer days! The Stierna W Axis Jacket is a lightweight shell which is incredibly comfortable to wear in the saddle thanks to the clever 4-way stretch fabric and ergonomic cut. It’s also shower and windproof and comes in a smart navy colour, making it perfect for popping on between classes to keep you dry and happy when the weather misbehaves.

EqWax No-Rinse Wash

It’s not always easy to transport enough water with you to fully rinse out shampoos and other products when you’re washing your horse off after an event, so the clever Cooling No-Rinse Wash from EqWax definitely needs a spot in your grooming kit. It contains all-natural ingredients to remove sweat, mud and dirt as well as lemongrass essential oil for its fly-repellent properties so it’s a great all-rounder – just like event riders!