Fager Nils Bit- Baby Fulmer / Universal

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If you would describe your horse as any of the following;

  • Pulling on the bit, but overreact on too much pressure.
  • Unsteady in the contact.
  • Too stiff on normal straight bits.
  • Doesn't seek the contact.

Nils is a stable barrel sweet taste bit.

The barrel tube has a natural fast lock in any direction. A steady model for horses who need to seek more contact without getting too stiff. A very comfortable bit that shapes naturally over the tongue.

Nils is designed  to maintain the perfect Balance point (BP) in the mouth. If you have a bigger bend forward, you will also move the BP forward and thus slowing down the effectiveness of your rein aids . the more stability and connection, the easier it is for your horse to understand and quickly react to the aids.

Nils Loose and Fixed Ring bits are Dressage legal, however the Baby Fulmer version is not currently Dressage Legal.

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