Horse wear and horse care from Equilibrium Products.

Posted on August 22, 2022 Categories: Uncategorized
Equilibrium Massage Pad XL

For this month’s blog we’re taking a closer look at Equilibrium Products, one of our favourite horse care brands and a company which aligns perfectly with our values here at Artemis Equestrian. Their products are high quality and designed to last for many years to come – and they really work! Our customers love all sorts of different things with their horses – dressage, show jumping, eventing, hacking and hunting to name but a few – but they all have one thing in common. They all want to ensure their horses are healthy and comfortable when they are being ridden and when they’re resting in their stable or playing in the field. From the legendary Equilibrium massage pads and mitts to their popular Tri Zone Impact Sport Boots, we’re delighted to be able to offer a range of products which we think you’ll love. So, let’s take a closer look!

Equilibrium Massage Pads

Giving your horse a soothing massage is an excellent way to help them recover after training, treating them or even getting some all-important bonding time with them. The Equilibrium Products range includes the Massage Pad XL, the Massage Mitt and the Hotspot Massage Mitt. They are all battery operated and easy to use, clean and store – plus we sell spare batteries and chargers if yours get mislaid on the yard.

The Massage Pad XL is a lightweight and portable massage pad which covers their back from withers to quarters and secures around their chest and belly. It uses pulsing, vibrating and stroking actions to stimulate the muscles on their back and promote relaxation. The Equilibrium Massage Mitt, as the name suggests, is a battery-operated massage glove which again uses vibration, stroking and pulsing actions in 3 intensities to target muscles in the neck, hindquarters and hamstrings. The Hotspot Massage Mitt combines heat and massage therapy for the ultimate muscle relaxation and soothing treatment. We also sell the Equilibrium Limited Edition Combo Massage Pack which includes the XL Massage Pad and the Massage Mitt for the perfect all-round equine massage kit. Just drop us a line if you have any questions about the Equilibrium massage range.

Equilibrium Boots

On the hunt for leg protection for your horse which is crafted from materials which are lightweight, breathable, tough and long lasting? The Equilibrium range includes the Trizone boots to protect horse’s legs when they are galloping and jumping across country, chaps for use in the field and stable and Stretch and Flex flatwork boots. The Trizone Boots have been scientifically developed in conjunction with leading event rider Sam Griffiths and are available in four different styles depending on the protection required – Allsport, Impact, Open Fronted Tendon and Fetlock.

The Close Contact and Hardy Chaps from Equilibrium are designed to keep horse’s legs dry and mud-free when they’re enjoying their time in the field. They are totally breathable and ideal for supporting horses who suffer from mud fever when the wet and cooler weather arrives. There are also Stable Chaps and Magnetic Chaps; the former keeps horse’s legs warm and dry and protected in the stable, and the latter contain Vitaflex® magnets and are designed to help horses suffering from stiffness and arthritis.

Equilibrium Fly Products

The British summer will always deliver plenty of one thing – it might not be very hot and sunny (though this year certainly has been), it might not be very rainy, but you can be sure that there will always be flies! Some horses, especially those with sensitive skin or prone to sweet itch, really suffer during the spring and summer months, making fly protection essential. Equilibrium Products’ fly defence equipment includes both a Midi and a Max fly mask, with the full-face Max version winning Horse & Rider magazine’s ‘Best in Test’ in 2021. The Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Rug is packed with features to ensure it’s both highly effective and very comfortable, with oodles of adjustability, a clever fly-repellent yellow shade and anti-rub lining on all the key parts.