Introducing luxury horse and rider wear from PS of Sweden.

Posted on October 27, 2022 Categories: Uncategorized

Each month, we’re using our blog to introduce one of the brands we stock here at Artemis Equestrian, and this time it’s the fabulous PS of Sweden which is in the spotlight. Those of you who adore PS of Sweden’s breeches, anatomically correct bridles and saddle pads in stunning colours will need no persuading to take a closer look, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a warning. You might be reaching for your purse after reading this…

PS of Sweden was founded in 2013 by Karin Bjärle and it’s now the world’s fastest growing equestrian brand and much-loved here in the UK. The aim for Karin was to take existing equestrian products, such as bridles and saddle pads, and develop and improve them. By thinking outside the box and seeing things in a different way, the brand has created some modern classics, such as a whole range of striking anatomical bridles with no throatlash. Why? Well, they are surplus to requirements for the most part on a classic bridle. If the throatlash is tight enough to keep the bridle on during an accident, then the chances are it will be impacting the horse’s airway. So, PS of Sweden have taken away the throatlash while improving the fit of the rest of the bridle and noseband with clever anatomical designs.

PS of Sweden have branched out into rider clothing as well, with breeches, base layers, hoodies and zip tops which all effortlessly combine style and substance.  Let’s take a look at some of our most popular PS of Sweden horse and rider goodies to see which catch your eye!

PS of Sweden Breeches

There is something for everyone in the PS of Sweden breeches collection, from their super comfortable and casual Maggie denim breeches to smart Juliette Riding Tights. The brand’s legwear is crafted from high-quality fabrics designed to offer maximum movement whilst still giving you support where you need it – no lumps and bumps here! There are some gorgeous shades, and they all have grip just where you need it to stay secure in the saddle. Browse all our ladies legwear here:

PS of Sweden Saddlepads

If you’re on the hunt for a new saddlepad one thing that you can always rely on is that PS of Sweden will have some stunning new colour combinations to choose from. You can choose from their dressage or jump pad styles in several different finishes – signature, classic, wave and so on.  What’s more, their saddle pads are anatomically designed to ensure your horse is happy and comfortable when they’re wearing them, and you’ll find matchy-matchy bandages, boots and overreach boots in the same stunning shade. Explore the matchy-matchy collection from PS of Sweden here:

PS of Sweden Bridles & Reins

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, PS of Sweden made a big name for themself in the equestrian world reimagining the bridle, stripping out the elements which weren’t needed and ensuring the noseband and headpieces were designed to offer ultimate comfort to horses. The result is a broad collection of bridles for all horses at every stage of their training, from the PS of Sweden Nirak Bridle which is aimed at forward-going horses to their double bridle design. If you’re wedded to a flash or grackle noseband, you’ll find PS of Sweden has a version of it, as well as drop styles and much more.

If you’d like to upgrade your reins, we stock both PS of Sweden’s rubber reins and their Softy/Supergrip styles, both crafted from strong, supple English leather and then finished with rubber and the supergrip material respectively.