Sedelogic Pads

Trusted by Equestrian Professionals worldwide for the protection and care of their Horses’ backs

About Sedelogic 

Sedelogic is a Dutch brand that specialises in the development of innovative products for horses. After extensive research in the field of pressure and ventilation, a team of veterinarians, aerospace engineers and saddlers developed the first shock absorption & pressure relief pads using a three-dimensionally woven, fully breathable material.

Equine back problems are often caused by badly fitting saddles.

Because of the continual development and changes in the musculature of the horse’s back during training and through the changing seasons, even a perfectly fitted saddle does not always stay that way, and you can often notice diminished performance, back pain or even secondary issues such as soundness problems until the saddle has been re-adjusted. The Sedelogic Saddle Pad can provide an easy solution for this and can also help in preventing these issues happening in the first place!

The Sedelogic pads have been developed by veterinarians and have undergone a series of laboratory and field tests with horse and rider.

Sedelogic conducted a series of scientifically recorded pressure measurements for a number of horses. A peak pressure reduction of up to 50% has been found with the Sedelogic pads. The video below explains these pressure measurements were recorded.

Watch Full Testing on Youtube HERE

With Normal Saddle Pad:

The exact same test performed using A Sedelogic Pad:

All Sedelogic pads are constructed from several layers of fully breathable 3D woven polyester fibre. Due to this open structure, the pad is fully breathable, allowing warm moist air to escape, so your horse stays cooler, drier and more comfortable under saddle.     

The 3D weaving technique creates hundreds of thousands of tiny shock absorbers within the entire structure. This also means the pad distributes pressure and so alleviates pressure points.

 Due to their construction all Sedelogic pads are machine washable at 30 degrees and should be dried naturally on a flat surface.