As one would expect of a company whose obsession is to produce gloves that connect athletes to their sports equipment better than anything else, there are always likely to be enhancements and technical innovations that fine-tune performance to suit different techniques and skill levels.

That’s why we have good news for all passionate equestrian athletes who leave no stone unturned to improve their performance: The solution is called HIRZL GRIPPPTM technology, which beats the competition by far. Regardless of your chosen equestrian discipline, and whatever the weather conditions you can feel safe and secure in you contact and connection with the horse through secure Hirzl GRIPPP gloves 

That’s why HIRZL riders have their reins so easily and perfectly under control leaving them to focus on riding without a worry. At Hirzl, we believe that gloves are not just a fashion accessory but an essential and highly technical tool of our sport. We believe there is sufficient scientific, technical and ergonomic ways of improving gloves and we continually strive to produce the best gloves imaginable. Our experience in manufacturing of gloves and our unique technologies do not leave us satisfied with 95% perfection, we also want the missing 5%!

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