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Most riders spend a lot of time and effort making sure their horse is comfortable when they’re riding, and a lot of that effort is directed towards the saddle and their back.  We want to make sure a horse can do its job free from problems related to saddle fit or an orthopaedic issue linked to their back and will usual pay particular attention to the fit of the saddle and the cloth or numnah used underneath it. But for some rides, the quest to add more padding in the hope it will absorb more shock can be counterproductive.

Adding extra padding could compromise the fit of the saddle, causing pinching or pressure. Gel pads are a more modern idea to help absorb sock from the rider and dissipate pressure from the saddle over a greater area. While gel pads can be effective at removing pressure points, they have a drawback which itself impacts horse health. The gel itself traps moisture and heat underneath it, leading to the skin under the saddle getting hot and sticky. Some gel pads are also the cause of saddles slipping to one side or the other as the sweat builds up underneath them.

Innovative Sedelogic Pads

Here at Artemis, we’re proud to stock an innovative brand which has created a totally unique product and has rigorously tested it in both the lab and out in the field. Sedelogic conducted extensive research in the field of pressure and ventilation as its team of vets, aerospace engineers and saddlers developed the first ever shock absorbing and pressure relief pads using a 3D woven material. So, what does the 3D-woven material mean for the saddle pads?

  • The 3D weaving technique creates hundreds of thousands of tiny shock absorbers within the entire structure, which means the Sedelogic pads can reduce shock by up to 50% and are incredible at distributing pressure and alleviating pressure points.
  • The 3D material has an open structure which means the pad is fully breathable, so warm, moist air can escape and your horse will stay cooler, drier and more comfortable under the saddle.
  • It means the pads are super lightweight and they’re not bulky either – perfect!
  • The pads are machine washable, so there’s no need to pressure wash or sponge them down.

The Sedelogic range

There are 5 different types of Sedelogic saddle pad to choose from, with options for horses with ongoing back issues as well as those in competing in different disciplines. Let’s take a closer look:

The Sedelogic 1-Layer Pad

As the name suggests, this lightweight half saddle pad consists of 1 layer of the 3-D woven material. This design means it’s close contact which makes it ideal for dressage.

The Sedelogic 2-Layer Pad

The 2-Layer Pad is slightly thicker but still offers the same breathability as the 1-Layer version. Perfect for everyday riding and competitions, this saddle pad will help your horse stay cool and comfortable while absorbing shock and dissipating pressure.

The Sedelogic Ortho Pad

The Ortho pad has been specifically developed for horses with existing or historical orthopedic issues or that are particularly sensitive over the back, have a sway back, have kissing spines or are post-operative KS. The thickness is 12 mm at the front, graduating to 23 mm at the back of the pad to protect the most sensitive areas under the saddle.

The Sedelogic Reverse Ortho Pad

The Reverse Ortho Pad is made from the same smart 3-D woven material as the rest of the range but is tapered in thickness. It is 23mm at the front, graduating to 18 mm at the back of the pad, making it useful for those who need more uplift at the front of the saddle.

The Sedelogic S-Curve Pad

The S-Curve Pad is fully customisable to your own horse and can be reshaped time and time again. In the rear of the pad, a technically advanced thermoplastic material is sandwiched creating an even larger pressure distribution area and thereby reducing the peak pressure. For a custom fit, the area is simply heated with a hairdryer, so the material becomes soft and pliable, the pad is then put on the horse and the saddle is positioned as normal

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