EquiAmi Combi


Both the EquiAmi Lunge and Riding Aids in one handy set.

The unique, patented design of EquiAmi training aids place the horse inside a self-centering loop. The positioning of the loop of the riding training aid and the lunging aid encourages the horse to lower its head and shorten its frame. As the horse adopts a more rounded outline, it is immediately rewarded by the training aid becoming looser.

When the training aid is working at its best it is applying absolutely no pressure and the horse is working in a relaxed manner. As the loop is self-centering and is not fixed, the horse is unable to lean on the aid so has to learn to balance and carry itself.

The EquiAmi Combi Aid comprises a webbing chestpiece, the two-colour coded sections of the lunging loop and the black riding loop so you can use either the lunging or riding aid.

Since most people would not need to use both the training aids at the same time, buying two identical chestpieces is an unnecessary expense, making this Combi pack an economical choice

For more information on either part of the EquiAmi set please visit the individual listings.

Available in Pony, Full & X Full.

Pony size is aimed at welsh Sec. A & B ponies and fits approx. 11 – 13 hands.
Full size to fit from approx. 13 hands to 16.2/17 hands depending on width and length of forehand.
Extra full is available for the larger horses.

Accessories sold separately.

Link to how to set up the lunge aid:


Link to set up the riding aid:

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Full, Pony, X Full