Equilibrium Massage Mitt


Equilibrium Massage Mitt Quick, effective & easy to use Watch The Product Demo Video Here The quick, effective and easy to use mitt helps to promote relaxation, improve flexibility and improve muscle condition. For use on muscle groups in the neck, quarters and hamstrings. Battery operated 10 minute sessions in 3 intensities, stimulates muscles by pulsing, vibration and stroking actions. Perfect before or after exercise to help alleviate muscular problems or as a rewarding, relaxing therapeutic treatment. Lightweight and portable, it is easy to use, clean and store with a modern and practical sports holdall. Includes a new high performance battery and universal charger. With 2 year product guarantee. Size: One size Colour: Grey More information Our Massage Mitt is designed to offer effective, affordable and easy to use massage therapy for all horses and ponies. The Massage Mitt has three different settings – high, medium and low – which can be selected easily from the mitt itself. This enables you to select the intensity of the programme to suit your horse. Each programme has three different types of massage – pulsing, vibration and stroking –to ensure all muscles are worked in different ways. Each session will last for 10 minutes ensuring you have enough time for full coverage over the horse’s muscle groups. The Massage Mitt can be easily incorporated into your warming up and cooling down routine. The medium setting can be used to help warm muscles up prior to exercise. The low setting can then be used to cool down the muscles. It comes in a handy carry bag which makes it ideal for use at home, away, or in the lorry it is easy to store in the tack room and is wipe clean. The bag also has useful storage spots for the battery and charger. The massage mitt is the choice of many Olympians, World Champions, top producers, up and coming stars and amateurs alike. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the massage pad and magnetic back pad and chaps. Massage helps improve flexibility and reduce stiffness by improving blood supply to the muscles, this was found in our Massage Pad clinical trials, in which horses had massage applied to their backs via the pad. Horses that used the pad showed a significant improvement in back flexibility. The heart rate is also reduced throughout the massage which promotes relaxation. Tension is often one of the most common reasons for poor performance, so by increasing relaxation and improving back flexibility the negative effects of tension can be reduced.


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