Equilibrium Over Reach Boots


Equilibrium Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots Tested to be tough! An extremely hard wearing boot that offers secure protection from overreach injuries. The carefully designed shape of this innovative boot minimizes the risk of an accident resulting from the horse treading on the boot. Shaped for the perfect fit with a super tough strike guard to protect the heel area and an anti-spin heel button. Made from waterproof and rot proof EVA. Easy to wash and easy to wear. Size: S/M, L/XL Colour: Black More information It’s the little design features that make our Tri-Zone Over Reach boots a market leader and popular tack room staple. With an anti-spin heel button, a robust Kevlar type material strike pad and shaped heel areas, Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots provide the perfect fit, and reliable protection. Carefully designed and long lasting, our Tri-Zone Over Reach boots are now the preferred choice of many international riders. Suitable for a wide range of uses, from show jumping, cross country, hacking and turnout. By selecting hard wearing materials known for their advanced technical properties the Tri-Zone Over Reach boot is robust and highly protective. Available in two adjustable sizes to suit most horses and ponies.

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Large/X-Large, Small/Medium