Fager Bit Tape – Mouth Corner Protection


Finally! It is time to end the era of pinched mouth corners. watch the video here This nifty little bit of kit is a new essential, particularly for those thin-skinned, pink-skinned and more sensitive types out there or for those with more fleshy mouths that can suffer from small bit rubs and pinching at the corners of the mouth. Easy to use, hygienic, Dressage Legal and discreet. The loose rings should be able to move freely close to the mouth corners without pinching the horse. When a horse gets pinched or , it starts to get afraid of the bit and connection. Depending on the bit and horse, some are more prone to be pinched than others. Don’t take this risk ever again; let your horse relax!

  • Legal for competitions, even dressage.
  • Discreet and easy to use and remove.
  • Size: 3cm x 2m/roll

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