Fager Claudia Bit – Loose & Fixed Rings


Fager Claudia is a good choice for horses you would describe as the following:

  • Unhappy in the bit you currently have.
  • Reluctant to soften down into the bit.
  • Requires encouragement to seek out the contact without any stiffness.
  • Pulls/snatches the reins out of your hand.
  • inconsistent in the contact.

Claudia is designed with the sensitive horse in mind. Claudia offers that extra bit of everything, just when you need it! When combined with the palatable taste of Sweet Iron this bit is well accepted, including by ‘hard to please’ picky, sensitive horses. The mouthpiece follows the natural shape/contour of the mouth, featuring a short centrepiece which lies flat against the tongue, eliminating any palate interference.  It’s breakover is towards the outside of the tongue, softening excessive pressure to the centre of the tongue whilst promoting a more consistent feel across the mouth. Using Claudia for a horse with a sensitive tongue you will discover that they become more willing to accept the contact and start to enjoy their work, the sweet taste will encourage the horse to seek contact with the bit without getting stiff and stuck in the hand. Claudia even suits horses whose mouth conformation has a low palate combined with a big tongue; this combination being extremely difficult to find suitable bits for.

    • Sweet iron is meant to rust. Most horses love the taste it gives.
    • When you first receive your bit it has been treated with a protective oil to prevent it from starting to rust before being used. It might make the bit look a little dirty at first, so we suggest a simple wipe over with a damp cloth before first use. ( the protective oil is completely safe for horses)
    • If you want to delay the natural rusting process, wipe the bit dry after every use.
    • Do you think your bit is too rusty after a long time use? Put the sweet iron in fizzy Cola and the rust will go away. It is the phosphorus in Cola that makes the rust dissolve. Please be careful using any other strong chemicals on your bit . Cola works fine, we promise.

      Note that the blue colour of the sweet iron will go away or fade when you choose to do this as well with the rust.

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