Fager Martin Bit – Loose Ring, Fixed Ring & Wings


This is Martin, a double-jointed bit. The ergonomic pic of bit for your horse. Martin might look like a regular snaffle, but it has some very cool features. Have you heard about our Fagers Smart System (FSS™), simply put it is a three-way lock system that prevents the bit to overbending in any uncomfortable way. The difference between regular lockup and FSS™ is more significant than you might think. While the horse is working the FSS™ are there to help in any position your horse head is moving in. From low position (stretching out) or higher (over a jump), the closure works even if the reins will pull the bit upwards and making the bit turn downwards where regular lockup would fail. In that way, it is more forgiving against unexpected movements of your hands. Are you looking for a kind bit and have a sensitive horse, this bit is worth trying. Perfect to have between other bits for communication work as well. Our loose rings allow for immediate release and relief from bar and tongue pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse’s mouth. Some riders feel that their horse is a bit too heavy and that they get slower reactions on D rings; in which case we recommend trying loose rings or Wings instead. The wings are an excellent way to avoid pinching of your horse lips and prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth. Loose rings and fixed rings are FEI dressage legal. – click for a full list here We tried this bit on some horses who were hard to bridle. They raised their head, tried to escape the bit, etc. Some of them were heavy on the bit, and the riders used more and more hand. This could also be a way for the horse showing he is hurting. These horses did not; it was just the way to escape the bit and the hand. We took it back to basics and tried Martin. After a couple of tries, most of them were more relaxed and more comfortable to bridle. Martin with Wings and loose rings worked better on those who wanted to “lay on the bit.” Horses who did play around with the bit, Dee rings worked best. This is our points of experience after developing and let equestrians try this product:

  • Martin is great for youngsters – Lays still and doesn’t take up much space.
  • Both bar pressure and tongue pressure are applied when you ride with contact. The loose rings give faster release and relief from bar and tongue pressure.
  • Sweet iron (blue alloy) is more often accepted by the horse than bits without sweet iron.
  • FSS™ is a cool new feature that prevents the bit to overbend and hit the palate in any position of the head.
  • Martin is close to a straight bit but still has the flexibility of a double-jointed mouthpiece. Many horses get a bit heavy on regular straight bits and shake their heads with regular snaffles. Then Martin is the perfect mix.

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Sweet Iron


Fixed Ring, Loose Ring, Wings


115mm, 125mm, 135mm, 145mm