Fager Nina


The incredible new Fager Nina bit! If you would describe your horse as any of the below

  • Pulling on the bit, but overreacts with too much pressure.
  • Unsteady in the contact.
  • Too stiff on normal straight bits.

Nina is a gentle, lightweight titanium stable barrel bit. The barrel tube has a natural fast lock in any direction. A very steady, stable bit for horses who need to seek more contact without getting too stiff. A very comfortable, kind bit that shapes ergonomically over the tongue. Fager design the bit that way to keep the balance point (BP) in the mouth. If you have a bigger bend forward, you will also move the BP forward and slowing down the process of your aids. the more stable the contact the less confusing for your horse and so the better reactions to your aids you will achieve. Nina is the perfect bit to combine with your other bits. Competition Approved – check it out here!

105mm 12mm 60mm
115mm 12mm 60mm
125mm 12mm 60mm
135mm 145mm 12mm 12mm 60mm 60mm

Normal in size, if you are between two sizes, choose the bigger one.


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Fixed Ring, Loose Ring


125mm, 135mm, 145mm