Fager Sofia Bit – Weyouth


Sofia Weymouth If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Sensitive to tongue pressure
  • Struggles to relax with a double bridle
  • Needs more freedom for the bridoon.
  • Has a smaller mouth
  • Have a  sensitive horse that can easily get rubs and sores on the bars/mouth corners.
  • Falls behind with other Weymouth

Sofia’s mouthpiece is a durable and comfortable, lightweight high ported Weymouth bit in the fantastic material – titanium. Sofia has Fager’s new Anoblast™ technique, making it the most durable and highest quality titanium bit on the market! The grey colour comes naturally from the process. Together with Fager’s titanium bridoon, this set weighs around 400 grams(!) less than a regular double bridle. The port is bent forward directly over the tongue. There is a big difference to have the bend tilted forward instead of upwards. When it is tilted forward, it will give the tongue freedom when it is placed inside the mouth. It also will give the bridoon more space. When the reins are taken and the horse seeks the connection towards the bit, we want the tongue to take most of the pressure and not the bars. When the curb rein is pulled, the shank of the bit rotates back towards the chest of the horse, the mouthpiece is pushed forward against the tongue. The chain is important to divide the pressure between the mouth-poll and chin. A port upwards will instead highly increase the pressure on the bars and most likely create friction wounds on a sensitive horse. Hooks and chain are included. Competition Approved – check it out here! Normal in size. If you are between sizes, go up. Sofia is 14mm on the inside of the shanks, and 12mm over the tongue.



  • 125MM / 5″    – 14MM
  • 135MM / 5″    – 14MM

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Weymouth 5cm Shank, Weymouth 7cm Shank


115mm, 125mm, 135mm, 145mm