Freejump AIR’S Stirrups 0-0


Freejump AIR’S stirrups The new AIR’S stirrups offer a traditional closed branch steel frame stirrup in a range of colours which can also be fully customised Market leading shock absorption is achieved through the innovative & unique elastomer cushion under the tread, This allows the rider to experience significant relief of pressure & concussion on joints; knees, hips, ankles and back when riding AIR’S stirrups are available in a number of options depending on rider preference

  • 0-0    Flat tread & straight eye ( sits at 90 degrees to the girth)
  • 10 – 0  Angled Tread ( to natural drop the heel) & straight eye ( sits at 90 degrees to the girth)
  • 0-30 Flat Tread & Angled Eye ( sits at 30 degrees to the girth dropping the calf naturally against the horse on an inward angle)
  • 10-30 Angled Tread (10 degrees) & Angled Eye (30 degrees)

The upper Freejump branded banner is designed to snap open under high pressure. As a result, this will help to make more room for the riders foot release in the event of a fall. Th AIR’S stirrups also have larger steel studs that give the foot excellent grip on the tread. The super-grip and studs cover all of the tread including the rear edge. As a result this offers essential grip for riders in all conditions Freejump AIR’S can be used with both standard and wide stirrup leathers, Wide leathers can offer additional balance and far greater lower leg security favoured by many riders SAFETY –  The Freejump AIRS are not classed as a safety stirrup.  Unlike the other Freejump Stirrups in the range which all have an “open branch” design, The AIRS are closed branch steel so will not open to release the foot. The offer a wide foot area and the top banner is designed to break away under pressure to leave more room for the foot to escape however they have been designed as a traditional stirrup with the added benefit of superb shock absorption and not a specific safety stirrup. FOR COLOURS AVAILABLE ON BACKORDER PLEASE ALLOW 4 WEEKS DELIVERY TIME.

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Black, Choco, Navy, Red