Freejump Soft Up Classic Stirrups Black One Tone


Freejump Soft Up Classic Stirrups Market leading shock absorption and a Unique Open Branch design for advanced rider comfort and Safety

  • Unique open branch design  – allows maximum opportunity for foot to release in the event of a fall
  • Open Branch design gives the ultimate in shock absorption for rider comfort.
  • up to 10mm of shock absorption support for rider joints,
  • Ideal for riders with knee, hip, back, ankle issues
  • Increased size, downward angled tread for rider security
  • Replaceable steel pins all across the tread for enhanced grip and performance
  FreeJump Stirrups have been designed to provide the ultimate in rider comfort performance and safety. The Freejump Soft’Up Classic Stirrups use a single flexible branch on the outside of the stirrups that will bend open in the event of a fall to offer the maximum opportunity for the foot to free.  The Soft’Up Classic also offer market leading shock absorption of 10mm travel. The Freejump Classic Stirrups have a flat tread with additional grip pins to offer additional grip across the footplate The Eye of the  Classic stirrup (where the leather goes through) is at also straight and so hangs naturally at 90 degrees to the girth. This very traditional angle and positioning is preferred by many riders across all disciplines offering maximum shock absorption and safety in a more traditional feel stirrup. Freejump Classics can be used with any standard width stirrup leathers. However, many riders prefer to invest in the coordinating Freejump Classic Wide Leathers to go with their Classic Stirrups, These extra wide leathers offer superior lower leg support and stability Freejump Stirrups after often associated with Showjumping and Eventing but they are Fully Dressage legal too ( please check latest rulebook regarding colour) Freejump are a brand that strive to continually invest and innovate in rider comfort and safety They invest a huge amount of money and time, into research and development to deliver a unique collection of equestrian products. Using innovative materials and with rider safety & comfort in mind. Following the huge success of the Freejump range of safety stirrups. Other brands have now tried to imitate the safety design concept. We choose to work with Freejump because we believe their products are the best available in terms of quality and performance for rider comfort and safety. 

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