PS of Sweden GP Bridle with White Padding


Stylish, neat and functional. An anatomic shaped snaffle, perfect for competition. The leather of the noseband has a drop shape which means it’s wider in the middle and gets thinner on the sides. At the centre of the noseband it is 5,5 cm wide.

Recommended for horses that:
* Have sensitive jaws and cheekbones
* Are used to the traditional English noseband which we have designed with extra padding

Special Features:
* Avoids pressure
* Elegant round stitched leather browband
* Round sewn cheek pieces with a unique nylon core to prevent stretching
* Avoids pressure on the sensitive nerves on the horses head
* Pullback strap with nylon to avoid stretching
* English & ECO friendly treated leather
* Approved by FEI in all disciplines for horse and pony

Please note:
* The throatlatch is not included with the bridle
* Reins are not included with the bridle and need to be purchased separately.

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