Sedelogic Ortho pad


Clinically proven, advanced shock absorption and pressure relief. Protect and care for your Horse’s back The Sedelogic Ortho pad has been specifically developed for horses with existing or historical orthopaedic issues or that are particularly sensitive over the back, have Kissing Spines or are post Op KS horses or those with sway backs. The pad has all the exceptional features of design as in the standard Sedelogic 2 ply Pad but is tapered in thickness. The thickness is 12 mm at the front, graduating to 23 mm at the back of the pad to protect the most sensitive areas under saddle. Sedelogic pads are constructed from layers of 3D woven polyester fibre. This unique open structure means that pad is highly breathable and enables better discharge of heat. This keeps your horse cool, dry and comfortable. The unique 3D weaving technique creates hundreds of thousands of tiny shock absorbers within the structure, proven to absorb 50% more riding impacts than any regular pad. Lightweight, soft and secure under saddle, all Sedelogic pads are also fully machine washable at 30 degrees and wont lose their shape.
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