Sedelogic Reverse Ortho pad


The Sedelogic Reverse Ortho pad has been specifically developed for horses with back problems or saddle fitting difficulties that require more uplift at the front of the saddle. The pad has all the exceptional features of design as in the standard Sedelogic 2 Layer Pad but is tapered in thickness. The thickness is 23mm at the front, graduating to 18 mm at the back of the pad. Sedelogic pads are constructed from layers of 3D woven polyester fibre. This unique open structure means that pad is highly breathable and enables better discharge of heat. This keeps your horse cool, dry and comfortable. The unique 3D weaving technique creates hundreds of thousands of tiny shock absorbers within the structure, proven to absorb 50% more riding impacts than any regular pad. Lightweight, soft and secure under saddle the Sedelogic pads are also all fully machine washable and wont lose their shape. Important ; Please note. Reverse Ortho Pad is stocked with the Manufacturer in Netherlands therefore orders placed this pad will incur a shipping delay of up to 7 working days from date of order.

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