Sedelogic S-Curve Pad


The Only Pad with a fully customisable fit for Individual Horse/Saddle/Rider Veterinary designed with scientifically proven superior shock absorption & pressure distribution Ideal for horses with historical or ongoing back issues Unique S Curve design at the front allows more freedom of movement from the shoulder Fully breathable, lightweight and machine washable Clinically Proven Shock Absorption and Pressure Relief Protect and Care for your Horse’s back The Sedelogic S-curve pad is an unique custom fit saddle pad, delivering ultimate, proven pressure distribution and shock absorption, while keeping your horse cool and dry. It is suitable for all levels of riding across all disciplines: Unique S Curve shape provides enhanced freedom of movement at the shoulder, allowing your horse to make larger movements. This enables unrestricted top performance. Sedelogic pads have been shown in testing to offer up to 50% more shock absorption than with any normal pad or half pad. Sedelogic pads are constructed with a three dimensional weaving technique so thousands of mini shock absorbers arise which result in a strong pressure peak reduction. All materials have been laboratory and field tested with horse and rider. The S Curve Pad is fully customisable to your own horse and saddle. In the rear of the pad, a technically advanced thermoplastic material is sandwiched creating an even larger pressure distribution area and thereby reducing the peak pressure. For a custom fit, the area is simply heated with a hairdryer so the material becomes soft and pliable, the pad is then put on the horse and saddle is positioned as normal. Then once mounted, simply ride in walk for around 10 minutes to allow the pad to cool and set to the custom shape of your individual horse, saddle and rider weight then ride as normal. You may repeat the heating and re-shaping process as many times as you wish, for example if your horse develops muscle and changes shape, if you change saddles or for a new rider. The pad sets in its unique shape due to the combination of the anatomy of the individual horse, the shape of the saddle and the weight of the rider. Relief of wither pressure: the suspension of the stirrup is a prevalent cause of high peak pressures. The S-curve pad has a recess at the suspension of the stirrup. In this way, the stirrup gets some tolerance and the surrounding pad absorbs the pressure over a larger area. All Sedelogic pads are fully breathable, unlike gel or foam pads under which sweat and humidity can build up while exercising, so with Sedelogic Pads your horse stays drier and more comfortable under saddle even in the warmest climates.Lightweight, soft and secure under saddle the Sedelogic pads are also all fully machine washable and wont lose their shape. Lightweight, soft and secure under saddle, Sedelogic pads are also fully machine washable at 30 degrees and wont lose their structure & shape.

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