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For the serious athletes and competitors.

Agaso's advanced competition range will help you perform and compete at your best whilst adhering to clothing regulations at events.

Using a highly technical, water resistant, durable, soft touch material (Meryl Actifit) whose natural elasticity moulds to the contours of a riders’ body ensuring optimal movement and superb fit.  leaving you free to focus on the ride. 

Agaso's unique designs began with over 40 years of insight in equestrian coaching and deep studies into the bio-mechanics of rider and horse. We understand every detail that enhances a riders’ enjoyment in the saddle…and keeps you comfortable, longer. 

Agaso Breeches are available in Regular and Short Leg Lengths for optimum comfort and fit.  Riders 5'5 and under will get a better fit from the Short Length,  5'6 upwards and its Regular for you .

Take a closer look…


Agaso breeches above all address the comfort needs of our riders. We ride all day and we need to be sure that stitching doesn’t rub and that we can wear them from mucking out to an impromptu hack in the forests.


Agaso breeches use Meryl Actisystem technology. A new complete system of innovative fibres that are water resistant, lightweight, protective and employ a 4-Way stretch for ultimate comfort. The material is quick-drying and designed for exceptional comfort in the saddle. 


Agaso products are made with the finest materials built to handle whatever terrain you choose to ride in. We take pride in the quality of our products and make sure our riders have the durable products they need to ride wild.

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