Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad

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Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad

Highly Effective, affordable & easy to use massage therapy.

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A lightweight and portable massage pad which works by stimulating the muscles on the horse’s back by pulsing, vibration and stroking actions.

Clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation. Shaped to follow the contours of the horse’s back, and provides coverage from withers to quarters.

Battery operated 30 minute sessions, with three different, easily adjustable programmes that allow you to choose the intensity of the massage.

Perfect before or after exercise to help alleviate back problems, or anytime as a rewarding, relaxing therapeutic treatment.

Fits a wide range of horses and ponies. Easy to use, clean and store with a modern and practical sports holdall. Comes with a new high performance battery and universal charger

2 years product guarantee

Size: Standard and XL
Colour: Grey

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Developed through clinical trials at Myerscough College, UK, the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad‘s innovative design provides effective, affordable massage therapy and is proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation in horses.

How does the Massage Pad work?
The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad has three different settings – high, medium and low – which can be selected easily from the attached controller. This enables you to select the intensity of the programme to suit your horse.

Each programme has three different types of massage – pulsing, vibration and stroking –to ensure all muscles are worked in different ways.
The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad can be easily incorporated into your warming up and cooling down routine. The medium setting is ideal to warm up muscles before exercise, the low setting can be used to cool down after work and the high setting helps alleviate back problems when your horse requires a more intense massage. Each session will last for 30 minutes however, this can be manually stopped at any time.

The Massage Pad fits an array of horses and ponies so can be easily transferred from horse to horse or pony. It comes in a handy carry bag which makes it ideal for use at home, away. It is easy to store in the tack room and is wipe clean. The bag also has useful storage spots for the battery and charger.



When do I use my massage pad? It depends why you are using the pad. If the horse is tense when ridden, use it beforehand to relax the horse. If the horse is stiff after exercise, use it once your horse is cool to relax the muscles. If you are using the massage pad to alleviate a more serious problem, use it in the evening, allowing the horse maximum time for relaxation afterwards.

How often should I use the massage pad to get the maximum benefits for my horse? We did clinical trials based on use for 30 minutes once a day, 6 days a week.

How tightly do I adjust the straps? The belly straps should be tightened no more than a loose girth. The tighter they are, the more robust the massaging action. If they are too loose, the vibration of the pad and the weight of the battery will cause the pad so slip sideways.

Would you use the massage pad on a sore back? No, I would work on the pain first based on veterinary advice and incorporating the magnetic back pad into the routine. Once the pain has subsided, the massage pad will help restore flexibility. An elastic surcingle may help hold the pad in place for the slightly rounder horse to prevent it slipping.

Can I turn my horse out in the massage pad? No, the massage pad is only designed for use in a stable. The horse should not be left free, but tied up once he is used to the pad.

Can I put a rug on over the massage pad? If necessary a light rug can be used over the pad, but it will need to be buckled up, and checked to make sure the vibration doesn’t cause slippage.

Care Instructions

If using on a horse with a damp or dirty back, place a dry towel underneath the pad. When necessary, wipe pad clean with a damp cloth. Do not wash the Massage Pad or allow the battery, controller or charger to get wet. We recommend disconnecting the battery between use.
Store in dry conditions.

Spare batteries and chargers available to buy separately.


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