Fager Fredric Bit - Kimblehook

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Let us Introduce Frederic,  The perfect solution Bit when you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Heavy in your hands.
  • Tries to avoid the bit, fussy in the contact
  • Strong, usually lean/pull on the bit 

The effect of a Kimblehook is more direct than curbs with longer shanks. The lower the rein is placed on the sides, the sharper this bit will be. 

The joints will never interfere or push against the palate. A very comfortable bit that shapes naturally around the tongue and reveals the bars from constant pressure. This design is ideal for sensitive horses that easily get wounds.

Hooks and chain are included.

Competition Approved - check it out here!

105mm 12mm 60mm
115mm 12mm 60mm
125mm 14mm 70mm
135mm 14mm 70mm

Normal in size, are you between sizes, go up.

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